Yoga for Heelpain

Yoga For Heel Pain

Heel Pain: Basic steps to follow

  • In case of combination of health issues ,check with your therapist or contact us before you try on own.
  • Practice warm ups before starting as shown in “Rheumatism” therapy the first five images. Check this Link
  • Practice these below postures shown in sequence.
  • Hold for 10 to 20 counts or 5 breaths.
  • Practice all the postures focusing on the stretches at your ankle and calf muscles.
  • Repeat the Ankle movements five times each clock wise and anti-clock wise directions and repeat five times a day and night before going to bed is very important.
  • Practice and hold the posture while raising heel up and ask someone else to push the toes towards you and hold it for 5 counts and exhaling down.
  • Virbhadrasna: Practice by taking the back leg knee close to the floor and in the same way heel close to the floor.
  • Repeat the same way with the other leg.
  • Hold it for 20 counts focusing on the stretches in your ankle.
  • Repeat twice.
  • Practice twice a day.
  • Parvatasana (Adho Mukha Svansana): Practice this asana by reaching the heels down ,toes upwards and the head closer to the floor.
  • Keep the feet close to each and press the heels downward, Hold for 20 secs.
  • Repeat three times a day.
  • Utkatsana: Sit and feet close to each and press heels downward and hold for 10 counts.
  • Practice counters like Parvatasana after this posture and go in sequence mentioned and don’t jumble up the Asanas to avoid injury.
  • PRANAYAMA: Practice ‘Pranayama’ for better healing and calmer mind to respond better to the pain.
  • NOTE: Consider other health issues too before practicing all Pranayama.