Back Pain


Back Pain: Common steps to follow

  • In case of combination of health issues ,there are many Asanas shouldn’t be practiced.
  • check with your therapist or contact us before practicing on own.
  • Practice these below postures shown in sequence.
  • Practice both sides and hold for 10 counts or 3 slow breath.
  • Practice or hold the posture for more than 10 secs after 2 weeks of practice and increase the counts of holding as your back become strong.
  • Breathing techniques are always inhaling raise your any part of your body against gravity, exhaling release and towards the gravity or when practicing neutral postures then exhaling turn either sides.
  • Practice and repeat Asanas twice and repeat three times a day.
  • Practice night before going to bed and before getting up from bed once again the Sarpasana and Sahajhasta Bhujangasana, and lie down with cushion under the back as shown.
  • Remove the cushion after 10 mins and practice Pawan Muktasana for 1 minute.
  • If you are sitting for long then place cushion and sit on it to keep back straight and knees down so that you don’t hurt the back.
  • Practice night before meals the Prone postures Basic ones stretches for better results.
  • PRANAYAMA: Practice ‘Pranayama like Anuloma Viloma and Bhramari’ for better healing and calmer mind to respond better to the situation.