तां स्थिराम् इन्द्रियधारणां योगम् इति मन्यते।

Tam Yogam – eti manyante sthiram indriya dharanam Katho Upanishad
Mastery over mind and senses is called Yoga

2022-Workshop for CIYF-National Youth Council Of India

Prema Nagesh conducted workshop on wholesome Suryanamaskar as great way to stay fit physically, emotionally and spiritually

Workshops on Right breath(2020-21)

Prema Nagesh got the opportunity to conduct workshops for Indian schools Muscat ,Oman and other International School in Oman for the faculty members on Right Breath as most Need of the Hour

Awards (2019)

Prema was honored Oman Mahila Ratna award by Sanjay Sai Seva Organization,Oman chapter by former UNESCO Education director & Chairman GRF, Former Education minister & H.E Armoogam Parsuraman.


With Sadhuru and svyasa founder

Events (2019)

Prema got the opportunity to speak and represent Oman in the first Arab Yoga Instructors conference held in Dubai in April 2019. A team of 4 Vyaniti teachers attended the event.

Publications (2018)

Vyaniti team entered in to “Limca Books of World Records”, for conducting non stop mass 108 Suryanamskars at Muscat, Oman.

Prema Nagesh published a book on the benefits of Suryanamaskars as therapy. It is called “12 steps to great health”

She has been called by Oman radio for live talks on the Times FM Radio.


Prema was honored by Oman’s Indian Ambassador for spreading the Indian culture – Yoga in Muscat, Oman for many years.


Prema represented Oman in the 1st and 3rd International Yoga Day Conference in New Delhi


Prema represented Oman in the 1st International Yoga Day Conference in New Delhi


Prema has been Appreciated by Indian social club muscat


Prema has been interviewed by Pudiyathalamurai TV channel.

Prema has written articles on Yoga for weekly magazines in Oman.


Prema has been awarded with Bhavalaya awarded for life time service