तां स्थिराम् इन्द्रियधारणां योगम् इति मन्यते।

Tam Yogam – eti manyante sthiram indriya dharanam Katho Upanishad
Mastery over mind and senses is called Yoga


2023- Online speaker for Global yoga Summit conducted by University of Americas and at the Global yoga summit in Banglore as Elite speaker on Right Breathing.


NIT Puducherry ,Karikal conducted a Online workshop on yoga as to manage Sports injury Prevention on the first international conference Prema Nagesh conducted workshop on wholesome Suryanamaskar as great way to stay fit physically, emotionally and spiritually


Workshop for CIYF-National Youth Council Of India on wholesome view of Suryanamaskar


Taught more than 1000 participants daily online Breathing techniques COVID 19 to improve Lung capacity


On the occasion of World Heart Day conducted Wellness session for the STAR CARE HOSPITAL


Conducted first ever Non Stop 12 hours online surya Namaskar relay and more than 700 participants attended.


Conducted a special breathing and meditation session for Institute of Chartered accountants of India Muscat Chapter


PSG Tech college of Engineering in Coimbatore invited prema Nagesh to conduct special session on “ Practices to lead a healthy life “


Conducted special session for Yoga Gangotri Bangalore and received “Yoga Seva Ratna” Award


Was as chief guest for International Indian school Wadikabir Oman


Prema was honored with the Oman Mahila Ratna award by Sanjay Sai Seva Organization,Oman chapter by former UNESCO Education director & Chairman GRF, Former Education minister & H.E Armoogam Parsuraman.


Represent Oman in the first Arab Yoga Instructors conference held in Dubai in April


Entered Limca books of world records


Prema was honored by Oman’s Indian Ambassador for spreading the Indian culture – Yoga in Muscat, Oman for many years.

2015 - 2017

Prema represented Oman in the 1st and 3rd International Yoga Day Conference in New Delhi


Special appreciation by Indian Social Club Muscat on first international day of yoga ,Muscat

2015 - 2023

Have been celebrating International day of Yoga as a big event in Muscat with the support of the Indian Embassy and in India at our center in Vyaniti Sevalaya.2023 IYD was at Village Ashram with all the children in village

2014 - 2016

Conducted Yoga Utsav at Muscat Oman with more than 100 participants and more than 500 attended this event


Prema has been awarded with Bhavalaya awarded for life time service