Yoga for Depression and Lethargy

Depression and Lethargy: Common steps to follow

  • In case of combination of health issues ,check with your therapist or contact us before you practice on own.
  • Practice warm ups before starting as shown in ‘“Rheumatism”’ therapy the first five images. Check this link
  • Practice these below postures shown in sequence. Practice right breathing technique or rhythmic breathing when in relaxed position.
  • Suryanamaskar is very important practice for improved health and hormonal balance.
  • Click on the this link to learn Suryanamaskar
  • http://Suryanamaskar steps
  • Click on the This link to learn Suryanamaskar
  • Practice Suryanamaskar (6 times in the beginning for two weeks, then slowly add more repetitions every week with right breathing twice a day and practice counters ‘Skanda uttanasana’ to release tension from shoulders.
  • Practice all Asanas with right breathing technique to get the most out of it.
  • Some of the images are advanced and will help those who have been practicing Yoga.
  • Perform asanas at your best, as incomplete posture is also beneficial as its first towards improvement.
  • Practice these postures with support of props like wall for Shirshasana and chair for Chakrasna.
  • Keep your breathing rhythmic and focus on breath.
  • Inhaling raising any part of your body against gravity, exhaling release and towards the gravity or when practicing neutral postures then exhaling turn either sides.
  • Finish the sequence with Shashakasana to calm down and relax the spine.
  • ‘Pranayama’:
  • Practice all the pranayama except ‘Bhramari’ .