Tennis Elbow

Yoga for Tennis Elbow

Yoga For Tennis Elbow: Basic steps to follow

  • Apply ice every day, twice.
  • Hold the elbows with crepe bandage while practicing yoga for few days.
  • Ardh Padma Lolasana first for first two weeks
  • Observe how you can carry the weight of the body and strength your joints.
  • Inhaling lift your body up and as you exhale hold the posture.
  • Focus on elbows getting strengthened.
  • Practice five times at one time and repeat three times a day.
  • Practice door stretch after that as counter.
  • Hold the top of the door and drop your body down,as you exhale or till you exhale or not more than 5 counts.
  • Repeat three times only.
  • PRANAYAMA: Practice “pranayama” for better healing and calmer mind to respond better to the pain, but take in to fact other combination of health issues for better results.