Wrist pain

YOGA FOR write pain

Wrist Pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Basic steps to follow

  • Practice the postures as shown in image slowly.
  • Focus on the movements and the pain or discomfort you develop during the practice.
  • Hold the posture and give little more stretch in every step.
  • Repeat these postures during the work time and three times a day.
  • To increase the strength of the wrist use power grip.
  • Hold the metal hand of this power grip. While exhaling slowly press this metal and hold it and give a pause to your breath.

Wrist movements:

Type 1:
  • Stretch the arms in front of your body at the shoulder level. Keep the palm open throughout the practice.
  • Bend the hands forward from the wrists that the fingers points towards the floor. Bend the hands backwards from the wrists as if pressing the palm against the wall with the fingers pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Breath-in fingers pointing upward and breath-out fingers pointing downward. Repeat the same 10 times with complete awareness in your hands.
Type 2:
  • Keep your arm forward at the shoulder level. Make a fist of your right hand and rotate the wrist, ensure that palm faces downward direction throughout the rotation. Make as large circle as possible.
  • Breath in knuckles facing up breath out as it is down. Move your wrist clock and anticlockwise 5 times. Repeat the same with the other wrist.
Type 3: Fingers stretching
  • Close your fingers as you exhale and stretch your fingers inhale.
  • Repeat for 10 times and maintain and feel the stretch in elbows as well as in fingers.