High Blood Pressure

yoga for high blood pressure

Yoga for High Blood Pressure: Basic steps to follow

  • In case of combination of health issues, better to check with your therapist or contact us before you try on own.
  • Practice warm ups before starting as shown in “Rheumatism” therapy the first five images. link
  • Practice these below postures shown in sequence.
  • Hold for 10 to 20 counts or 5 breaths
  • Practice “Bhramari”in the ratio 1:4 of inhale and exhale while closing the ears and eyes.
  • Hum like bee after inhaling deep.
  • Practice 21 times three times a day for high pressure.
  • Practice “Bhramari” twice a day as preventive.
  • As a therapeutic measure practice whenever the symptom of headache starts.
  • Make sure you rest your elbows on table if sitting on chair or support it by taking support of back and bent knees, sitting on the floor.
  • Don’t strain your neck any time.
  • Practice Shashakasana with prop or without for 15 mins.
  • Practice only left inhale and right nostril exhale for headache or whenever symptoms persists.
  • Practice all the postures as shown in “Neck pain” therapy.
  • As a preventive measures, Practice left nostril inhale only and right nostril exhale every day, morning as soon as you get up for 5 minutes and then “Alternate nostril breathing” and night time right inhale and left exhale for 10 minutes.
  • Practice more Suryanamskar which is ancient healing method according to once health issues.
  • “Read 12 steps to good health” to know more about suryanamaskar as therapy