Yoga in Sports

Yoga in Sports: Basic steps to follow

  • In case of combination of health issues,check with your therapist or contact us before you try on own.
  • Practice warm ups before starting as shown in “Rheumatism” therapy the first five images. link
  • Practice these below postures shown in sequence.Hold for 10 to 20 counts or 5 breaths.
  • Maintain the posture for minimum 20 counts to strengthen and improve the flexibility.
  • Practice Ujjayi breathing to relax and maintain the posture.
  • Inhaling when you raise your body against gravity and exhaling towards the gravity and normal breathing when maintain the posture.
  • Follow the sequence so that body responds well in tougher postures.
  • Practice certain stretches like PrasaritaPaduttanasana, Supta Hastapadangustanasana to remove the tension form calves and back, after playing too.
  • Practice “Pranayama” at home too to relax and same way to be alert in the field.