Yoga’s Transformative Tale of a Cancer Conqueror

The most dreaded disease cancer appears in unsettling ways in medical shows, online rumors, and as terrifying health stories. Each of us has a friend or acquaintance who has experienced cancer, and it is unnerving that despite advancements in medicine, there is still no simple treatment without challenging side effects. We all know someone touched by cancer, and the wish for a simple solution echoes: “Give us a daily pill to stop this!” We yearn for an easy fix.

Yoga as a preventive and therapeutic measure

Walking, swimming, and jogging help us stay in shape, but what about mental stress? The game-changer is yoga! It gives life complete equilibrium. It does wonders for the body and mind in a matter of minutes.

Yoga acts as a shield, keeping stress at bay for both body and mind. The secret? Just breathe consciously! Stress makes us hold our breath or breathe shallowly, which affects our internal organs and stimulates cancer cells enabling them to overcome defenses against cancer. Yoga flips the script, offering a breath of fresh, stress-free air.

Discover the inspiring yoga journey of cancer survivor Ranjana Joshi in her triumphant battle against the odds.

In 2008, Ranjana Joshi, a young mom in Oman, confronted breast cancer after a routine check uncovered a lump. Swift surgery in India on March 21st was followed by six grueling chemotherapy rounds, leaving her immune system weakened. Radiation therapy brought hormonal imbalance, headaches, and dizziness. Despite efforts to stabilize hormones, doctors warned of uterine cancer vulnerability.

In 2010, Ranjana turned to yoga with Prema Nagesh, finding transformation by 2011. Doctors permitted stopping hormone tablets, and within two months of consistent yoga, her uterus size reduced, her hormones balanced, and her strength returned.

Progressing from basic to advanced poses, she conquered 216 consecutive Surya namaskars, likening it to chemotherapy without side effects. Regular pranayama fortified her emotional resilience.

Completing Prema Nagesh’s teacher training, Ranjana now teaches yoga, sharing her life-changing journey, especially with women. Her yoga teacher takes pride in her joyful transformation into a new woman.

Ranjana’s story echoes strength, setbacks, and the triumph of will in battling cancer’s physical and emotional toll.

Ranjana Joshi’s Yoga Practice Timelines


Standing postures

  • Greeva sanchalan
  • Parvatasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Skanda uttanasana
  • Gomukhasana

Sitting postures

  • Marjari asana
  • Ustrasana
  • Shashakasana

Supine postures:

  • Hasta Sanchalan
  • Janu Sanchalan

Prone postures:

  • Sarpasana
  • Niralamba Bhujangasana


Standing postures

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Chakrasana with chair


  • Paschimuttasnasana
  • Ardhmatsyendrasana

Supine postures

  • Uttanapadasana
  • Sarvanagasana
  • Halasana
  • Matsyasana

Prone postures:

  • Dhanurasana
  • Bhujangasana series


Fasting once a week

Her triumph over cancer represents proof of her commitment, perseverance, and steadfast confidence in yoga. By doing the prescribed asanas in the correct order, Ranjana kept herself healthy. Visit our YouTube channel to see a preview of her inspirational journey: To learn more about the poses and details visit

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