108 Sun salutations – an experience by senior citizen

A Life Rejuvenated Through Yoga:

Can yoga bestow unparalleled physical and emotional strength, along with flexibility, to those in their vibrant 80s and beyond?


There is a notion that yoga is only suitable for young and flexible individuals.

Flight Lieutenant Officer Mr. Jayaraman Viswanathan, who retired with honors in 1990, faced health challenges throughout his career, including acidity and ulcers, leading to major surgery.

Despite his commitment to staying active through daily walks, a significant setback came in 2014 with an angioplasty, leaving him fearful and weak. Sinking into mild depression, his walks with his wife slowed, and he viewed life as a bonus.

His daughter-in-law, Mrs. Prema Nagesh, introduced him to a senior citizen yoga class, initially met with hesitation. Despite feeling pushed, yoga became a transformative journey, aiding both his physical and emotional well-being.

Engaging in a week of basic yoga postures, including pranayama, hip stretches, and body balancing poses like Parvatasana, Santulanasana, and Vrikshasana, alongside peers of his age, proved transformative for retired Flight Lieutenant Officer Mr. Jayaraman Viswanathan.

108 Sun Salutations

Utilizing props and the wall, he experienced significant positive changes, such as an increased walking pace, reduced leg aches, and choosing stairs over the elevator. Encouraged by fellow seniors, he secretly practiced at 4 am. Over three months, he mastered the correct technique for Surya Namaskar, marking a remarkable journey toward improved physical well-being and resilience in his golden years.

Initially breathless, Surya Namaskars posed challenges with forward and backward bends. Yet, with consistent focused practice, Mr. Jayaraman Viswanathan achieved body balance and stress control.

Within three months, Mr. Jayaraman Viswanathan progressed from six to twelve rounds of yoga, inspired by his seventy-four-year-old wife’s completion of sixty rounds.

His motivation stemmed from staying fit and setting an example for his peers, proving it’s never too late to begin yoga. As he aimed to match or surpass his wife’s record, he became a testament to the idea that a fitness attitude and positive thoughts know no age limits. His journey exemplifies the belief that adopting a healthy lifestyle is achievable at any stage of life.

He practiced Yoga and Pranayama with devotion, posting his progress in WhatsApp groups to motivate peers and younger members.

After two years of dedicated effort, Mr. Jayaraman Viswanathan completed 108 rounds of Surya Namaskars, while his 74-year-old wife achieved the same feat in three consecutive days. Their accomplishment, guided by proper care and counters to prevent injuries, is truly admirable at their age. In a triumphant finale, Mr. Jayaraman Viswanathan, proving age is just a number, now commits to performing 108 Surya Namaskars monthly.

Celebrating the milestone on social media garnered praise from peers, providing an opportunity for him to advocate yoga’s benefits. Starting at 83, he pledged to continue practicing and promoting yoga, encouraging others not to wait for a reason but to prioritize learning for their health and well-being.

At 83, Flight Lieutenant Officer Jayaraman Viswanathan defies age norms, mastering 108 monthly rounds of Surya Namaskars. His transformative journey showcases yoga’s timeless power for holistic well-being.

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