Finding the Ideal Time to Practice Yoga

According to Vedic astrology, the day is divided into 30 periods called muhurtas, with the Brahma-muhurta being the morning period between 3:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. This sacred interval is also known as the Amritavela.


For those serious about a yoga-based lifestyle, it is recommended to perform spiritual activities during the Brahma-muhurta. This time is believed to be ideal for yoga practice, as the mind is refreshed and calm after a good night’s sleep. Practicing yoga during this time can lead to increased body and inner awareness, and may even help to reduce the need for afternoon naps.


For beginners, the early morning may not be suitable as the body can be rigid and inflexible. However, once one learns yoga thoroughly and would like to make it a lifestyle, the Brahma Muhurta time is ideal, as certain asanas like suryanamaskars and some stretches can help bring flexibility to the body before moving on to more advanced poses.


For those who do not have enough time in the morning hours, one can practice Pranayama and meditation as they can come naturally without much effort. Asanas can be practiced in the evening when the body tends to be more supple, especially for beginners. Practicing yoga in the evening can help to relax and lead to increased circulation towards many joints and better absorption of oxygen.


If one wants to establish an early morning yoga practice, it is recommended to use an alarm timepiece until the habit is established. It is also suggested to not waste too much time in morning ablutions and to answer the calls of nature quickly. For those who suffer from constipation, practicing Salabha, Bhujanga, and Dhanur Asanas for 5 minutes as soon as they get up from bed can help alleviate the issue. Otherwise, one can meditate before answering the calls of nature.

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