5th International Yoga day 2019-Vyaniti yoga

Blind folded Yoga on International yoga day celebrations
Vyaniti yoga celebrated International Yoga Day at Indian Embassy hall on 18th May 2019
The programe was graced by His Excellency Indian Ambassador Munu Mahawar and Deputy Chief of Mission Rakesh Adlakha.
Over 200 participants attended the Yoga day programe .
Prema Nagesh founder and Yoga therapist says ” This year we focused more on Yoga for mind as it is root cause of many health issues and it can only solve many problems.
A monkey mind can never heal self,and focused on practicing postures “blind folded” where participants could dive deeper in to their mind and body and could unite body and mind which is yoga.
The blind folded yoga has its own benefits as it induced a complete focus and more grounded feeling,more aware of body and breath and more clarity in mind by the end of session.
We had special session on singing bowl meditation by an expert Hiral Tanna who took us in to deep state of relaxation on a full moon day. “
Singing bowl meditation allowed one to be more focused on sound and allowed brain to move into the Theta brain wave frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition.
Participants at the end of the session shared their different experience of blind folded asanas and still mind in meditation.
At the end of the session Indian Ambassador gave Yoga certificates to Vyaniti students on successful completion of both theory and practical sessions of Yoga courses.

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