Three GUNAS of Yoga

Three Gunas: A Path to Balance and Harmony in Life

The nature of human beings is complex and multifaceted, with different aspects influencing their thoughts, actions, and behavior. In Indian philosophy, the concept of Gunas provides a framework for understanding these different aspects. The Gunas are three essential qualities or energies that are present in varying proportions in every individual. These qualities are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, and they work in unison despite being contradictory to each other. The kind of food one eats affects the proportion of these Gunas in their body.

  1. Sattva Guna represents purity, balance, and harmony. When one has a dominant Sattva Guna, they experience enthusiasm, contentment, and happiness. They feel light and refreshed, both physically and mentally, throughout the day. A person with a higher proportion of Sattva Guna tends to be more successful in life. The Sattva Guna is associated with the color white and is dominant during daybreak. Foods associated with Sattva Guna are fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, whole grains, pulses, ghee, and freshly cooked food.


  1. Rajas Guna is associated with activity, passion, and desire. A person with a dominant Rajas Guna tends to be more excited, hyper, and fickle-minded. They are attracted to sensory objects and tend to get carried away by their desires. The Rajas Guna keeps one active and engaged in work during the day. Foods associated with Rajas Guna are spicy, oily, and rich food.


  1. Tamas Guna represents darkness, inactivity, and ignorance. A person with a dominant Tamas Guna tends to be lazy, lacking passion in life, and careless. The Tamas Guna reduces the brilliance of the mind and leads to careless acts. It is associated with the color black and is dominant during the night. Foods associated with Tamas Guna are old and stale food and food items that create intoxication.


According to Sankhya Philosophy, the imbalance of these three elements brought the cosmos into being. The Gunas have always been embedded in nature, and all matter in this world has at least one of these three Gunas. When one Guna dominates the others, it subdues them.


The three Gunas play a crucial role in shaping an individual’s nature and behavior. While they are contradictory, they work in harmony to create a balance in the universe. By understanding the Gunas and maintaining a balance between them, one can lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. The food we eat plays a significant role in determining the proportion of Gunas in our body, and therefore, we must choose our diet wisely. We should also strive to adopt practices that promote mental and physical well-being, such as yoga and meditation, to keep the Gunas in balance. By doing so, we can lead a more fulfilling and harmonious life.


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