How much time should I spend daily for Yoga ?

All you have to understand one thing is just like brushing your teeth every day keeps  teeth away from cavities same principle, to prevent your body from decaying faster one should practice YOGA minimum 15 mins in a day.

Next question -what to practice and what to avoid as one practices 1 hr and 15 mins in the class ,keeps you confused and so many thoughts regarding the yoga comes and eventually one ends up practicing nothing, this shouldn’t happen.

YOGA is tailor made Asanas and Pranayamas .As each one is different and according to one’s requirement   needs and their problems asanas and pranayamas can be practiced daily .

So keeping in mind all your needs you can add and eliminate certain asanas and Pranyamas.

Eg-Those suffering from High Pressure and Diabetes  one can concentrate more on relaxing asanas  like Paschimottana asana and Shashank asana where one’s breathing is deep and rhythmic instead of shallow and  even Surya Namaskar in proper way helps one to bring the pressure and diabetes under control as and when you keep your breathing rhythmic.

In case of neck  or low back related problems one need to understand the reason behind the problems .It can be due to sedentary life style or over using of those muscles. If one has problem and want to use YOGA as a therapy then one must practice certain stretches more number of times in a day which plays an important role in healing like how doctors prescribe antibiotics three times or two times a day.

Practicing once a day as preventive measure is not going to help if one needs to heal themselves. One can practice certain stretches irrespective of food intake too so no restrictions on that area too.


I came across few people who complain that YOGA doesn’t help them or it doesn’t suit them , perhaps I feel they have poor concentration or they are restless people who desperately needs it ,as in Yoga one need to stop the fluctuations of mind and more we try to control, restless the mind becomes. Yoga is for all whether you are young or old, healthy or sick ,any religion, physically disabled or mentally disabled, even if you are bedridden yoga can help you as Yoga is to control  mind and emotions and leads to spiritual gain.

I have heard people telling Yoga has worsen their conditions more than improving it. One very important  issue which I would like to share with you all is that learning YOGA is not  important but practicing  sequentially and according to your need plays a major role whether its Asanas or Pranayams.

So spend every day 15 mins in yoga  like a daily chore then it will be a habit and certain good habits are like an investment done in  your body which will be repaid in later part of your life. You can see yourself much fitter and younger compared to your own age group.

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