Yoga Teachers Training Program in Association with Indian Yoga Association

Duration: 4 months

Certification : Yes

Validity of the course

This course is valid across the globe and Vyaniti yoga also gives 200 hours of internship to teach under experienced teacher.

Certification Authority

Ministry of Ayush and Indian Yoga Association with Vyaniti Arogya Sthalam

Details of the Certification Authority

Ayush is a Central combining Ayurveda, Homeo, Unani and Sidha. and Indian Yoga Association -Indian Yoga Association (IYA) Indian Yoga Association – A self-regulatory Body of Yoga Organizations.IYA is a maiden attempt to unite all yoga paramparas in a common cause. Indian Yoga Association is committed to promotion and advancement of Yoga and its applications around the world and industry-cum-self-regulatory body to facilitate activities of member institutions
advanced certified yoga course
Content of the course


Vyaniti Arogya Sthalam in association with Indian Yoga Association conducts TTC

Foundation Course in Yoga(IYA)

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Faculty (Teachers) of the Course
External Invigilator
Details of the Faculty (Teacher)